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Safety tips


At Wemus™, your safety is our priority. Whether you're connecting online or planning to meet someone in person, it's important to stay informed and take precautions to protect yourself.

Online Safety:

Stay Safe Online

  • Never send money or share financial information, especially over wire transfer. If someone asks for money, report it to us right away. Remember, it's difficult to trace or reverse wire transfers.


Protect Your Personal Information

  • Avoid sharing sensitive details like phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, financial information, or any other personal data with people you don’t know well.

  • If you’re a parent, limit the information shared about your children on your profile and in early communications. Refrain from sharing details such as your children’s names, schools, ages or even their photos.


Stay on the Platform

  • Keep conversations within the Wemus™ platform while getting to know someone. Be cautious if someone tries to move the conversation to external messaging apps or platforms too quickly.


Never Tap on Strange Links

  • Avoid clicking on links from unfamiliar sources, as they may lead to malicious websites or phishing scams. Always exercise caution when interacting with links, especially those sent by unknown individuals.



Reporting concerns:

As a valued member of the Wemus™ community, your safety is our priority. If you encounter behavior that causes distress, discomfort, or violates our Community Guidelines, we encourage you to report it. Your report will remain confidential at all times. Your proactive action is crucial in halting harmful behavior and safeguarding fellow members.


How to report:

  • On the app:

Step 1: Go to their profile

Step 2: Tap on the menu " : " (2 dots on the right hand top corner)

Step 3: Let us know why you’re reporting them (select the appropriate option from the menu and write your comments/observations)

Step 4: Submit report

  • Outside the app:

Email us at


Note: For your security please email us only from the email address associated with your Wemus™ account.



Meeting in Person:

It's thrilling to meet your match in real life, but it's essential to prioritize safety and adhere to halal practices.

Always meet in public

  • Ensure your first meetup occurs in a public setting, such as a café or museum. Avoid secluded areas or private homes for initial encounters.


Inform family or friends

  • Share your plans with your trusted ones. Let them know who you're meeting, where you'll be, and your expected return time. It's advisable to carry your phone for added security.

Arrange your transport

  • Even if your match offers to pick you up or drop you off, it's safer to organize your own transportation. This ensures independence and security throughout the meetup.

Trust your instincts

  • If you ever feel unsure or uncomfortable during the meeting, don't hesitate to trust your instincts and prioritize your safety. It's perfectly acceptable to leave the situation if necessary.


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