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Photo Guidelines

At Wemus, we adhere to Islamic principles in all aspects, including the photos shared on our platform. Your photos should reflect modesty, integrity, and respect for Islamic values. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your photos align with our beliefs:

Modesty is key

  • Dress modestly in your photos, adhering to Islamic principles of modesty and decency. Avoid attire that reveals too much skin or is tight-fitting, such as bikinis, swimsuits, or revealing clothing.

  • For men, avoid shirtless photos or clothing that may accentuate the body inappropriately.

  • Ensure that your poses and gestures convey modesty and dignity, reflecting the values of Haya (modesty) in Islam.

  • Your photos should uphold the teachings of Islam regarding modest attire and behavior, promoting righteousness and respect for oneself and others.


No explicit content

  • Avoid sharing photos that contain explicit or inappropriate content, including nudity, sexual imagery, or suggestive gestures.

  • Your photos should reflect purity and decency, in line with the teachings of Islam regarding personal conduct and appearance.


Respect for others

  • Refrain from sharing photos that disrespect or offend others, including images that mock or ridicule individuals based on their beliefs, ethnicity, or appearance.

  • Show kindness and consideration towards all members of the Wemus™ community, upholding the principles of respect and compassion taught in Islam.


Family-friendly photos

  • Keep your photos family-friendly and suitable for viewing by users of all ages. Avoid sharing images that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive, especially to younger members of our community.

  • Share moments of joy, companionship, and wholesome activities that reflect the values of family and community in Islam.


Authenticity matters

  • Use genuine and recent photos that accurately represent yourself. Avoid using heavily edited or misleading images that may present a false impression of who you are.

  • Embrace your true identity and showcase your personality authentically, fostering genuine connections within the Wemus™ community.


By adhering to these photo guidelines, you contribute to creating a positive and respectful environment on Wemus™, where members can connect and interact in accordance with Islamic values. Your commitment to upholding these principles enriches our community experience and fosters meaningful connections among members.

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