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Happy Muslim couple

Match. Meet. Marry.

Find your spouse, completely free.

Your love story is already written, and you know it, right? With sincere intentions, heartfelt duas, and the right efforts, let's bring it to life in the halal and fun way. Your story is destined to be a beautifully written masterpiece, up until Jannah.

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Wemus app screenshots

Privacy assurance and safety features

Advanced photo protection

We've implemented advanced photo protection features, including auto-blurring and restricted screenshot capabilities, to prevent unauthorized access and maintain your privacy.

Verified user profiles

Rest assured that every profile on our platform is verified through a rigorous selfie verification process. This ensures that you're interacting with genuine users, eliminating the risk of encountering fake or fraudulent accounts.

Personal matching insights

Refine your search, keep your options open

We get it, finding the perfect match is key. But over-filtering might mean missing out on someone special with unexpected qualities. That's why we offer essential filters, ensuring your priorities are met while leaving room for pleasant surprises.

Tailored matchmaking

Our advanced algorithm connects you with compatible partners based on shared values, beliefs, and lifestyle choices, fostering genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

Wemus app screenshots
Wemus app photo protection screenshot

Guard your photos, on your terms.

Islam permits a gaze at your to-be spouse, but not for a decade-long stare, right? Auto Blur steps in with a 10-second limit, because even permissions have their time limits!

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